Tuesday, May 28, 2002

memorial day wekend.

a nice quiet tallahassee longweekend! a GOOD time to confront my "one year to live" Vision!!

On many levels, confront!
---is it REAL, TRUE?
---what am i gonna do about it if it is?
stuff like that!

yes, I hear the Peanut gallery of Critics now....I hear them say..."it is symbolic of change, the need to change, a psychological dream" Or, perhaps, "a decieving spirit, or a mis-led helper guide, is telling you wrong news"!

I can Begin with what appears to be the "family Karma"! My mother had this Vision ten years before her death, telling her that she will die in ten years but that her husband will live till he is 72. she dies at the time of ten years but that Spirit gave to my father an extra year, as he forgives me and has a reunion with me.
I note that i lived with my mother for her last year, she broke her foot exactly one year before her death and i lived with or near her then. I lived with my sister for sevreral years before her death: no warnings there, though...EXCEPT that a painting done of her house showed that there were 42 boards on the side of her house: she died at 42! I lived near my father for that last year.
too...I had a next door childhood friend who was apparently an Indian Shaman in his past life, i had actually seen him in my dreams where i once saw him fly with a hawk headress on his head...a hawk *as* as hat! [i read that this IS the big sign that the person is a shaman!!] he fell off of his farm tractor about a week before i left my hometown, 1998, and died about a year later.

for me, there IS a way that i can poke around to "reality check" a bit, on my vision of one year to live! math! the number of days between certain events of the calander year!!
first place to go check...is my mother! she died on october 5 of 1975. between oct 5 and may 13th[my vision] is 145 days.
72 + 73 =145 aha!! she saw that father would live till he was 72, but he lived an extra year of grace until he was 73!
yes indeed, math Gives Insight!
next place to check, then is my father! he died on Christmas day, dec 25th, one year and two months after i moved near him, his one year of grace. there are 140 days between xmas and may 13.
Spirit showed to me, in about a dozen dreams, that in my pst life i lived 79 years! I belive that. been shown to me, utterly.
79 + 61 =140! oops!
my friend sam, the Shaman! since he had his accident a week after i moved away, and died a year later, one week BEFORE that moving date[!]...there is some kind of karma relationship there between us two!
he died sept 24th.
from may 13 to sep 24....is 134 days.
73 + 61 = 134!

conclusion: THIS year, may 13 2002 to may 13 2003, will be my year of grace and i will die at 61 years of age!! i am 60 now and will turn 61 the 28th of June. i will be 62 on june 28th of 2003! yes, "one year"......NOT, probably, 13 or 19 months!

so i can now SEE that all the members of my family and my friend are inter-connected in Karma and their deaths and mine are also interconnected.

in this year ahead, i will write and ruminate here, i hope, a lot! I will copy my "purely one year to live ruminations" also over to my other weblog "http://oneyear.blogspot.com/" [ one year to live ].