Wednesday, May 29, 2002

I can well see how "sensitive" people have a "bad self image"!

I needed an air conditioner filter: I went yesterday to the supermarket with intents to buy one.
i found the row of goods, there they were , of various shapes and sizes. i quickly grabbed my needed size and went up to pay for it and then walked out of the store.
wait a minute!
---i stopped outside of the store and smelled the filter to make very sure that it smelled OK, with my lung disibility, it better smell ok!
big time not!!
smelled of perfume fragerances and soap.

right back to get my money back. i then took the manager back to the row of filters and low and behold these filters were RIGHT next to the section of those scented candles that are found in gift shoppes!!
500 of them! the BIG ones, the candles that are in jars and glassess and just one of them 300 feet away is too too much for me!
every single filter smelled utterly of perfumed incense.

of COURSE i was the only one to complain, the only one to even notice!
---i get tired of "soccer coach mentalities" telling me that it is MY problem and it is my!!