Friday, May 17, 2002

I added an article at my "article weblog"

tis about computer games, rpgs...role playing games. It is about a game called MORROWIND, another person's review of this game..
In this review, he criticizes how many computer gamers go to the game with their own preconceptions of how the game should be, usually adding their urges to Dominate powerfully the fighting and the winning instead of experiencing the game as the designers had intended...a world, a world with its own reality, its own rules.
They would want to get through the game in ten hours, with all cheat codes and God-like powers, instead of becoming enthralled with the new World that the game offers, playing it on its terms so that it is a kind of dialogue between player and game where, within
the context of the rules of this game, the player role plays his character to whatever he/she wants it to be.