Saturday, May 25, 2002

DREAM OF GOING TO HEAVEN....may 25, 2002.

well folks, another very very interesting dream last night. powerfull, but simple, and as usual i can only recall some of it.
The dream begins where i had died! But it was as if it were someone else's death and i was just using his mind-memories! I am now in a city surrounded by people. the people of the city.
it actually seems, in this dream, that it is as if everyone in the city had died and they all were with me in the low-heaven copy of this city! NOT like some great disaster, but in some symbolic turn of events to make it as if there were hundreds and hundreds of people near me.
I noticed right away that they all were "low vibration" souls! In a sense, as i am an old soul, these people are "everyone else" as i feel, all of my life, that "i am a 5th grader in 2nd grade"!

the great mass of Humanity, the "common man/lady"!

they all gathered near me with their angers and their rages and depressions and their little perceptions as to What Is Real, about heaven, about life.
I managed to pull away and i managed to float up into the air and then i went off upwards to suddenly another place far removed from this city and its people.
---and WHAT a place! a rich deep green field and was like of Dawn, the sun is about to rise, to rise upon my heavenly life-to-come. what struck me as the MOST interesting about this heavenplace is that i could see about 30 RAINBOWS!. at least 30 rainbows. the sky was full of rainbows!

then i heard a voice speak. a quick saying, in an accent that was a bit foreign. it was directed to me, even though it sounded far off. a voice of authority and Knowing....


then the dream was over.

Yes, i feel that this Guide was telling me what that dream of the 13th was telling me...."You will begin your Spirit life in one year"!

from THIS dream, i now have a much better feeling as to what i will do for that year: what i OUGHT to do for that year!
those city people!
I live in such a city, i go to the mall, ride the city bus a lot, and mix with the 200,000 people here in Tallahassee.
these "2nd graders" would be MIRRORS to me of MY OWN "immature", "negative", or "non-spiritual"
nature, a nature that must not go to heaven with me....Luggage that best be left behind when i die in that year. if i were to live my year out in the hills or up in the mountains, alone, meditating or just hanging out with old souls, there would be no mirrors around me to reflect back to me my inner natures that should be weeded out! there would be nothing for them to project onto, if i were to live in some Ashram/monestary!
Thus i should continue to live with the masses, live with the beer drinking 18-year old FSU students and the Ghetto high school kids, on the bus. live with the depressed and the angry where i go to malls and fast food places to eat and eat out OFTEN! every time that i "catch myself' falling into a "negative state' that was "induced" by someone who is a "2nd grader", of the people who are around me on the bus, in the mall, in the cafeteria; i should be aware of it and change that feeling in me to something that can go to the "Rainbow-land" with me! One can only weed the garden by being IN the garden!