Saturday, May 04, 2002


Yes, i wonder...
I was sitting in barnes and Noble, the coffee shop, cup in hand...I reached for the saturday, the 3rd of may, NEW YORK TMES, and an article on the front page caught my attention!
There was a photo of a large farmer's plow in a huge field of SAND! Desert, that was once a field. the article wrote about the "New Dust Bowl", how drought conditions in the western plain states were actually much much MORE dry than in the 1936 dust bowl!!
only the conservation efforts, of the last 30 years, were responsible for keeping the soil from turning to dust. some places had only half an inch of rain since last summer!

SUDDENLY i was nearly "possessed" by a very strange feeling, almost as if i were a radio station playing on the dial and another station came into my frequency, intruding into my "music"!! My father!!
father Dudley, died in 1987. His presence was there.

[[ Dudley was a man who was about 20 during the Great Depression, of the 1930 period. he was a farmer, amoungst other things...
He had a very very great interest in natural cycles and he had many books on this.
how foxes and rabbits go through 7 year cycles of population growth and crashes. economy too. from civilizations to wars to stock market fluctuations to rabbits...the thesis of all these books was that everything happens in cycles of so many years and REPEATS these cycles over and over.]]

The feeling of my father being present! only for a second. but oh the intensity.
a Knowing. a knowing that this "dust bowl of the early 2001-2 period" is part of a larger Cycle, involving other things!
comes around again.
WARNING....."1940 to 1946" will come again in about three to four years!!!
either a major major war..."WWIII", or maybe some great earthchange, like of what Cayce or Manderville foresees....
Millions die and the survivors?? the survivors will have this event as the focus of their lives for the rest of their lives!

Tis kinda hard for me, folks, to actually describe that feeling that came over me!
i will try again with a few more words, MY words, to try to give to you all that feeling that came from my father, in spirit.
---signpost, the dust bowl; no one SEES or reads the signs.
...markpost, a marking of the stages on the way...a sign that "IT" will occur....the early 1940s, again., peering into a room of Wise, Intense, bearded, men, in Conference. Topic: the fate of the world/civilization!!
...a REMEMBERING, like a "wake up call" of some memory-to-become, seen before my birth, while i was still yet in spiritland!

This is the same father who came to me in a dream on August 3rd of 2000, to tell me
"the world will end on January 15th"! [note the 3rd, the same day of the month as the visitation!]

I did a small number-trip, on this. the number of days between august 3rd and may 92.
one half of 92, is 46.
Dudley was 46, when he and Mom brought me here to tallahassee, for college: i began my adult life.
I was 46 years old when Dudley died!!
between january 15 and may 3rd...counting febuary to end at "feb 28th"...there are 108 days between those two dates: *THE*
number of spirit....108!!
-----thus i can say that there is GREAT number sycnhronism going on here: by numbers alone...the visitation is reall!!

then there is my friend SAM who was a Shaman past life person who always was interested in "the end times" and he died about three years ago...he came to me about a year ago, saying over and over.
and over..."2005DF...2005DF...2005DF...about ten or twenty times!

then there was my OWN "voice" that i heard as i was crossing the mall parking lot, last fall..."three years to get ready"!

Something is getting ready to happen soon. cycles repeat. the depression is real..ask japan and Argintina! been real for three years now. In 1930, or so, the Players were already on the stage and stuttin thier stuff...Germany/nazis.
Muslin vs only for one, ya cannot have two chairs or coffee cups in the same *exact* spot!
maybe not them...but the players are already Indentify-able, by cycles! who are they?

maybe we all can Work this out: no major war or earthchanges. maybe NOT. maybe it is YOU and I who need to "get ready", get ready to live forever or to be a survivor! or maybe just to finish up our SCHOOL ASSIGNMENTS as the End of the School Year may be coming very *very* soon!