Wednesday, May 15, 2002

another the 15th. takes lots of meditatation this...perhaps a year to live, eh?

I wonder about my mother, where she came to me in a dream, came down from heaven to tell me those numbers.
3 39 99
she, herself, had a visiondream before she died, ten years before she died, she foretold both her and my father's death.

I was 'supposed to have died at 57 years old, in my hometown...1998.

NOW i see that this was the end of my living in new york. i have lived now in tallahassee on and off since 1960. 41 years.

3 + 39 = 42
42 + 57 =99
she ALSO said...'these numbers are in the Bible"! which makes them TRUE!...a true dream

jesus left the 99 shepp to go out to find the one lost sheep. thus i will live in tallahassee for one more year
beyond that 42 years...
43[2003] + 57=100

viloa....that must have been her messege to me.

keep tuned.