Thursday, May 30, 2002

ah, the mysteries of Fate and Time! I can sense, now, how some lives are set up, in the pre-birth life plan, really well and utterly! i guess mine was.
I went back to my dream, back in December of 2000, to see how it stood, in the light of my may 13th
vision of my one year to live.

[quickly again...on dec 4th of 2000, i had this Vision. seems all of my life, i would get clairvouyant, precognitive, visions...of anyplace that i will live in, months from now. in 1965, the U S Air force was to send me to japan three months from when i had the orders in my hands. a week later, i had a vision where i saw all the places that i would work at, live in, walk around, on my airbase-to-be, three months from "now"!!
so why not heaven?! tis a place i will go to some day, why not have this "karma" hold for there too?!
Dream begins: I have just arrived at the edge of heaven, in my appalachian mountain heaven that i have often visited in my astral travels. i had died and now i was awakened and Greeted by some Greeter.
I stood at the very edge of this land, so green and welcomer Guide told me that my sister Suanna had gone on to higher lands, higher heavens (she died 25 years earlier!). yes she had her COPY of her earthly mountain house, there, in this land, but as the custom is here...when she left it to go onwards, she gave it to another incoming soul. Suanna is now in the "Angelic" realms, he tells me.
i can not live in her house, but he tells me that there is a Cabin right at the edge of heaven, near the earth-boundry, where i am suppossed to live in, a cabin that has its location to be right at the entrnce to this heaven-land.
He walks me to this cabin, and he tells me that when i go upwards to the "angel lands", i, too, will leave this cabin to another incoming soul. but right now it is my home.
in front of the cabin is the path up to it. on one side of the path is a signboard with my name on it..."Freestone Wilson". on the other side of the path is another signboard with two numbers on it.
120 420. the guide leaves and the dream ends.
the numbers?! ??????? i suppose they symbolize something about my earthly life!]

yes folks, i have sometimes pondered and meditated upon these numbers!! on the face of it, there is no hope of ever finding out what they mean.
there IS one major clue! 120 420 can be written "12 4 2000" as in..."12th month december, 4th day of december, year 2000"!! yes, that's right, the numbers *are* the date-that-I-dreamed-this-dream, for my dream!! 4th of dec. 2000!
whenever there is such a snycronism like of this, that means to me that there is a spiritual meaning of that relationship: dig further!!
dec 4..2000. that is the 338th day of the year.
NOW i have THREE numbers!! 120 338 82 ["82" is 420-338=82]

I am 60 now...seems "obvious" that two times 60 = 120.
fiddle...fiddle with numbers.
there is also the number "79' that has appeared in SO many of my dreams and i am TOLD that this number is the number of years that i lived in a past life that DIRECTLY affects this one!
NOW this all becomes clearer....
338...present life

if i use 79 in the 120.....i get 79 + 41 + 120. AHA!! i was born in 1941.
thus the first number is now known: the 120 reflects my birthday year.

the 338? i have lived in several places and often the times overlapped by many years, and yes yes yes, all those years DO add up to 338 years!! especially if one of those periods of life is the 61 years
that i am SUPPOSSED to live if my "die in one year' vision is true! that i would die in 2003, probably near my 62nd birthday as may 13th of 2002 is only a month from my june 28th birhtday! one year to live as of may 13 of 2002. i am 60 now. die at 61, near my 62 birthday.
---and the 82? which is to say...the 420. I have the Intuition that as the 41 reflects my birth, in the 120; there would have to be THE YEAR of my death, in that 420, also. these two numbers....120 and 420
show my life...and my deathdate.
thus that "year' is in the 82.
simple to find! in two ways! [this is my Today's great discovery, folks!]
one...that past life of 79 years...
79 + 3 =82 2003
61 (my age when i die) + 21 = 82 "21"? 2 + 1 = 3 2003
thus i will not have "62" as a death age...i do NOT have "one and a half years"!

IF this is right! IF spirit does not change this!