Thursday, April 18, 2002

well.....more thoughts on that dream of yesterday where i was shown that "i fail to get through the 3rd level"!

real profound thoughts!

actually Simple.
---that 3rd level is where a "kid" becomes "a man"! that period in my life, from when i was about when i was 22, was suppossed to be that time that i "matured' and became a man.

I did not!
thus i can see how i am in my 60 year old heart, a 12 year old boy!
i can name the 1000 ways now, from my love of computer games to other things. I was to remain a "boy" in the name of Service to Spirit.
a larva that never spins that cocoon and becomes the butterfly.

there are places i heaven where the kids go that die when they are only a kid, like of 5 or 13 years old. there, they either "grow up" or remain a boy.

thus i will live in heaven *as* a boy, perhaps for keeps.

now, i can think of 1000 good advantages for being this...first off..."to enter the kingdom, one must be as a child"....the verse says...
all the advantages of a kid...little "adult' fixtations to unravel.

well i gotta go........end of letter