Monday, April 08, 2002

there IS a hell world.....I was there last night!

I have read, from some of the articles from the new Age spiritual channeling books ans sites,
that it is now that there are no more Hell Realms, in the afterlife worlds!

not so......

I was taken by some unseen Guides, to see and experience a whole bunch of Places That You Do Not Ever Want to Visit!! or---to live in!!
each realm was somewhat small, and they each had some type of wall or embankment around them: a boundry to separate one from another. i was TOLD that these were worlds where souls worked out their sufferings and their earthly ways that were not nice.
---one realm essentually was a junk yard! a huge huge junkyard full of broken machines and scrap metal.
piled at random all over the place, in the open and in huge open air barns. souls grubbed amoungst the collected stuff---i guess what they held dear, upon earth, was being shown to them that these precious-to-them items, in the afterlife, were only just so much junk!
---here was a whole open field where Punks tore at each other in a never never ending gang war! with bare hands, punching, and constant fightings...
---a similar world where the open fields were full of plants with RAZORS for leaves and each touch onto these leaves was an invitation for a painfull cut.
----another world, under a dim yellowgrey sky, nearly dark, there were bands of souls that when they got close to me i could see the pain upon their faces, faces that did not look "nice' at all....they looked more like faces that upon the earth when they lived, they held ANGER and RESENTMENTS fester fester in their haerts so that the faces now looked LIKE the kind of negativities that they loved to live in while earthly alive.
Place after place...many of these places, many i do not recall....

I had the sense, though, that no one was there 'forever"! these were what i would call[my term]
"psychodrama worlds" where souls who brought negativity with them into the afterlife, why they have here an opportunity to release it here. they cannot go higher in afterlife places, higher in vibration, unless they get rid of that negativity. be like dungerees are OK on the street, but one cannot wear them into a church service, so to speak: the "hells' would be like of a "changing room" where someone could remove the pants and put on dress pants, then be able to enter the Service!