Tuesday, April 09, 2002

that church that i eat my lunch in!

yes indeed, i eat my lunch IN a church! a "homemade" cooked lunch, made by a kitchen staff
in the church kitchen, for the public as well as the church members.
a large Episcapal church, there are over 120 clubs and organizations within it.
As the actual church Hall is being under repair, the Sunday Service is in the auditorium where the cafe tables are set up, the alter and the rest of the props, are 30 feet away from where I eat: I eat IN a church!!

---I like the IDEA, that i detect, within the Episcapal way of seeing spirit.
there was a book of Celtic prayers for sale in their bookstore, i looked at the introduction and was AMAZED at the philosophy within....
utterly radical and No One Notices!!
the writer says that all of the rest of christianity calls man..."sin from the beginning, at Adam, thus we are corrupt and sinfull AT the heart of our souls...thus we are inheriently "bad' and only through God's grace, via his Son, can we become OK!
---but this writer says that the Celtic Way of seeing mankind, via their christian slant....is that man is inheriently PURE and spiritual within, in our hearts, but that sin and corruption has come onto us, on the outside, from the days of Adam onwards. he says that the celtic way says that all of nature and the beauty of the earth's natural life, is from God and it is Good! beauty and lovelyness is of the lord. we, mankind is too, inheriently and originally pure and beutifull. but the problem comes in where all and each of us has been corrupted over time and experience with sin. thus it is up to us to seek our salvation and to seek it through the spiritual life; to restore us to our original state...clean up our acts!

both concepts are *almost* the same: but that "slight" difference is ALL!!!
---the mediterianian/Teutonic way is to see man as instristicly "bad"!
---the Celtic way is the see man as instristicly "good"!

all the difference in the world!
Now i can see why the Epicapal churches are always very beautifull and it seems that "arts and crafts' are strong within the church member's lives!