Thursday, April 04, 2002


tuesday evening, on a nice walk, i Prayed to Spirit, accepting that i will now continue to live yet longer, after that "i was supposed to die in 1998, but was extended"---- realization. i prayed for a many years of life and Service to spirit and Aid/help for this.

that night i had a Dream. Morning of the 3rd. a dream that reflects back to me what Spirit "thinks" about my Acceptance that i will continue to live on earth!

Dream begins....[interpeting as i go!]
I "awake to find that i am in a small warren of windowless rooms, office rooms. This is my Air Force Squadren and i am in my shift, as a computer operator. [USAF operator, 1967]
dream has me in the role of what is most symbolic of my whole "inner" life, "windowless", inside.
[real computer room was in a windowless bank vault!].
so here i am in my fatigues, repoting for my evening night shift duty, but WHERE IS THE OFFICE??
the rooms are gutted of stuff, papers strewn all over the floor, the computer is gone. i go to the officers offices only to discover that the rooms are bare!
my squadren has MOVED behind my back and i am the Last To Know! moved to another building perhaps?! No one told me and it is over, my job! my life!! [obvious: my life Mission[s] is over, all stuff moved Upstairs to heaven, only the physical/mind shell of "me" is left here!]

I run around the dim office rooms and find the door to....the stairs to the main floor above.[basement offices]. tis my High school hallway, i find, upon my reaching the top of the stars!! tis my 1960 high school that i am in...
[life is high school, on earth]. I run around and i guess somone shows to me where my Squadren has moved to. it is UPSTAIRS. [of course, moved upstairs!]
I find a stairway, a stairway made of rich-hued maple-like wood, a grand staircase up to another floor above the main [world] floor. there is a clock next to this stairs! time is about 7:20 or 7:30, i tell myself in the dream..."its 7:20 [or 7:30], my shift lasts till 9PM"
next scene. i am now IN my Squadren's offices. I am seated in a very very nice room that looks to be more of a HOME than a office, there are windows everywhere all framed in this same wood that the stairway was made of...this wood is everywheres..."they" welcome me to my new job. i can see through a door into another room with huge windows, i can see that this is the new computer room.
then a man who seems to be an "officer" comes over to sit with me to talk to me about my Duties there.
[as if he an i were now EQUALS, not i, an enlisted man, speaking to an officer-in-command!]
he showed to me a map of south pacific Islands, with a patch of green island...calling it the
"Lie Mie" islands. I am hundreds of feet above these islands.
----end of dream.


I spent much of yesterday Pondering and praying....
here is what i see.....
the time. I have been told, in many dreams, that "i am on the 7th stage of my life". thus the time indicates this. another dream, in january of this year, shows to me that i stood on the porch of the Nursing home looking at my high school: there are at least TWO more floors built on top of it!!
THERORY----that we all have, archtypely, NINE stages of life: 1-7 on earth, where #7 is partway into heaven[half on earth, half in heaven]. once in heaven there are TWO more life-levels to experience, IN heaven, until one goes to a "final placement" somewheres near the Celestial level. the two extra floors of my high school!
thus this squadren is NOW in heaven, not on earth. 2 and 1/2 hours to go. two more levels to go, to live.

and "Lie Mie"?? the name of the islands seen from ABOVE?
if "D", in the alpthebet is "zero"...there are 7 more letters between D and L..M
0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9
"D" is "DIE"....the level that is "die", the level in spirit BEFORE I WAS BORN! "D" represents my pre-birth level, in spirit, before i came to earth: thus it is "death", I in the spiirit world, not on earth!
" 1 2 3 4 5 6 7" the stages of earthly life and i am at "7:20" or 7:30"! "8 9" are the heaven levels.

DIE 1234567 LIE MIE

that squadren is now in heaven and that is "the next" IMMANTENTLY!

maybe that dec 4th 2001 dream of seeing that signboard in heaven of the number "120" NOW!!
after all.....
from dec 4th to april

120 DAYS!!

so folks...THAT is the feedback to my prayer!
or is there yet another interpetation that i can give for this dream.....??