Tuesday, April 23, 2002

---someone gave to me a bit of advice on the "perfume lady"...i replied.

tis been a while since i come here...been so so busy!

ya know, the reaction that oozes out between the lines, in this letter about the Perfume lady, i feel comes from more than a bit of this....
those 1,000,000 "little ole ladies", out there, in the astral and the physical, who WANT me to get to know her...she is a woman i am a man and we both are single so MARRAGE must be done. the Mass of the great Collective Thought Forms! as if there is "pressure" for me to bend over backwards to get to know her!

why i got a letter just this morning from a man who more or less says that she is an angel come just for me and that i MUST go out of my way to seek her forgiveness and more or less learn to handle perfume and make it my life-task to bond with her in Union forever!
---i get that kind of FEELING TONE, from his letter!!

why am i mumbling about this sort of thing HERE?!

because this is an example of how Hidden pressure is brought to bear on a person, to bond with this or that way of life. the streets of life are lined, i feel, with Recruiting offices, all awanting your joining-ups! a non-commited person is seen as fodder to be signed up!
thus there is pressure to join up with belief systems of all kinds...
i like that phrase: i repeat it again...

Be aware of your thoughts and feelings: often they are not you own, they come from spirits around you, and influnce you to become as them in mind and heart. Many, if not most, of these spirits are Incarnated into the physical world! they can even be your neighboors and your friends. Let it be that YOU choose what you believe in and have a feel for!

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> > now she is back at her job, back in town again!! i
> > rarely ever go to that mall now...she may not ever
> > want to come to that cafe.....MAYBE i will not have to
> > relate with her again: how can I? not one sentence
> > makes a bit of sense, of anything that she says....!!
> >