Monday, April 01, 2002

SO THIS IS HOW IT IS...a story!

On easter sunday, on my long alone walk, I wearied a bit over the State of the world: the capital of Christianity in War...etc..etc..
I made up a small story.
here it is....

Once upon a recent time...
The 8th grade school teacher sat alone in her classroom, one day, after all of the students had left for the day. Grading papers and all of that, maybe it was now 4 PM and near time to leave. There were sudent
papers still strewn upon the desks and scrawlings of chaulk on the blackboards...
"when will they ever learn" she muses. Seems that the same thing go on year after year: she has taught there for nearly 20 years now and NUTTUN changes! the students still have their teen-age snits, they fight and yell and think only of themselves: the classroom is about trashed by the schoolyear's end, only the repair/maintanence crews can clean up the room during the summer for the next years class.
"aha", she says!
"that's it"!
She realizes that nothing ever changes because a new batch of kids come into her class from 7th grade below her, every year. some learn, some do not. Then they Go On to 9th grade, a whole "level up", another school, another building somewheres else in the city. she has actually never been there to see this junior high school!
So. the kids are perpetually in 8th grade year after year after year, a standing wave never changing. only the faces change from year to year: the problems and lifestyles of being "13 years old" a given every year.

The teacher then thought about her friend who nearly died in that accident last year: had a near death expewrience to show to her that heaven is a reality. She also thought about the Sermon at her church last week about how Jesus talked about how He knew Jeremiah before he was born and even Concieved---lesson of the sermon was that we all have had a PRIOR experience, as souls, in the spirit world before we were born [let alone past lives on earth, for some people!]....
"7th grade" she exclaims!
"and 9th grade is heaven after we die"
---now this teacher does not get so upset as she reads her new York Times! the woes of wars and the Gossup and evils, of people, do not bother her so much. she sees that new souls are constantly coming into the earth and old souls graduate, never to come again....the problems and the lessons never change, in this "8th grade" of earthly life! History repeats, but with new actors...people seem to never learn: but they DO, it is just the same lessons but with different students!
---perpetually 8th grade, this earth is....decade after decade...100 years after 100 years...

what matters is how YOU master your own lessons!

---end of tale!