Monday, April 29, 2002


nothing like being 1200 miles away from a "divorce snit"!
daughter of my aunt versus her "ex". the ex contacted me to try to convince me of the rightness of his side. sounds good on paper but i am to to far away in more ways than one.

i begin to see how each person is a mirror of the other. words are meaningless as each word infers a private symbolism where the listener would only agree with the literal word.
if he says that she uses him as she goes out after other men...
what actually may be occuring is that he is SO needy of her every second of life to be one with him that he gave to her not once inch of rope in order to have her own life. this often masqurades as a statement, such as..."I just want a caring wife to be there for me and to have my meals for me". read: cook and clean and be 'behind her man"!!
if she says that he does not care for me, this could mean that she is cold and unable to love him, thus he must go elsewhere.

the point is...

the poor "third party counselor or mediator" just hears the naked WORDS! from each person. there is no meaning there as the word means one thing via WESTER'S DICTIONARY, but yet another, in the private symbol system of the talker!

this poor guy, wanted to come down and see me, wanted to convince me in detail just how It Is!
millions of these....betcha you are in one yourself, reader! remember: words are *not* the reality!! the word "spoon" has absolutely not a thing in connection with that object that is on your dinner table that you eat juicy foods with!