Friday, April 12, 2002

I went ASTRAL TRAVEL last night to places.
seems i do almost every night, but there was something Interesting in this one!

a countryside. some place i have been too before. a farmhouse with some lady inside. we talked.
this lady was really impressed about some article that i, freestone, had written! In fact she had it on a sheet of paper and showed it to me!!

the sheet of paper looked like a sheet of computer printer paper with typewritten paragraphs on it. i tried to read it and, indeed, i could tell that it was something that i had written!
[i cannot recall exactly what it was...]
something that i had written....on the computer and sent off in the E-mail OR to post onto this Journal!

that is....I went to visit, in my dreams, someone who had read something that i had written.

we talked...then i left, to go to somewhere else. the talk was not "earthshaking"...i cannot reacll THAT either, what we talked about...!!

but what i DO find "earthshaking" that a spiritual connection was made to me by "merely" the person reading an article that i wrote!! then i could go to the astral 'address" and meet that person in their dreams!

---anyone, here, dreamed, on about april 10th, of meeting with a man who is about 6 foot two tall, and thin and bald with a promenent nose...white anglo-saxon?!
[three of my friends HAVE seen me in my dreams....but i looked very very different....perhaps the astral body of when i was 13!
short...fat...curley hair that is black...round face! maybe an orange robe-like Pajammas to wear.

anyone here meet me?
write to me