Tuesday, April 30, 2002

I heard from an aquaintance, that she heard from her
psychic friend, in the e-mail. friend says.....to her...

"the earth has entered the 5th demensional level, now"!

I gave this some thought, what she told me. i have heard from many sources how sometime, either soon or just a awhile ago, that this is/was to happen. as IF the earth were to die and go to heaven, in a sense; the whole planet ascends, while "in the physical"!
---be as if one dies and goes to the first level of heaven!
What would a 5th level earth, be like? we are or WERE on the fourth level, where time is the highest ruling demension.
Again: from what i read, the psychics seem to be in agreement on something like of this...
That on the surface of things nothing will LOOK like anything is different; the birds sing, the sun shines, and life goes on. HOWEVER! that "one level up" will cause a closer nearness, of the earth, and of all of the people on it, to be nearer
the Celestial Spirit level, then it was before. This means that there will be a greater interweaving of a person's outer world, with their inner world: showing up MORE with the older, more spiritual souls, in their lives: the not so spiritually aware and living, why they may end up being dragged into the 5th level, as they are still operating on the 4th level!!

I thought, here, in my journal, just how might i try to describe this thing: the ascended earth! i find that my definitions are hard, very
hard, to make! I have much more of a FEELING as to how, only translate-able into a story.
i will make up a story, a story that must be short in words...
a TRUE story from my hometown life, from 1998. this "really" happened.

I moved into my second floor apartment. a week later, i learned about the family next door. mother father and son, the son who committed suicide about a month before i arrived; he drove down to the lakeroad and parked on a farmroad and put a bullet through his brain! mother was still in shock. about a week after i moved in, i set up my meditatation sit-blanket and my radio, to listen to music and to meditiate while doing so. right up against the wall, on the side of the 2nd floor wall, next to the driveway, the drive that separates the property from that family next door. her property is about 8 feet from my house.
set out blanket.
turn on radio and find some wonderfull music and ...here we go....into mentalmeditationland!
XUSMFOTMEKRLLG DXXXXXZZ----the sound of a lawn-mower at FULL volume! i stand up and look out the window to see that mother mowing her lawn, she and mower were on the very corner of her lot next to the driveway, the closest possible that she could get to my meditation pad!! i watched her, she mowed that same spot over and over and over, in a daze. as IF...[i believe this!!]...as if she
actually wanted to mow right into my apt and sit by me with mower and even better, get right into my soul with me!!

weeks later....
she and husband plant a small tree in their front yard. obviously, in Honor of their suicided son.
Fall comes quick, here, in new york, soon the ground has 6 inches of snow on it.
there appears to be an OBJECT by the tree. i see it is a BONE. a deer leg, dragged there by a dog!! yes. a fermer. a deer bone
right at the base of this four foot leafless stick, sticking out of the snow. Bone sat there till spring. then tree never sprouted any leaves, it too died.
where did the bone come from?? people hunt deer here in upsate new york and a dog drags a deerbone from nearby where the hunters brought home a deer to slaughter.
four house over, i knew a man who had a close friend who were avid deer hunters and there WAS a deer hanging up on a tree limb, to cure, just before being cut up...that fall.
they, these two friends, would sit togther in the back room, for coffee every morning for hours, in their house, near the deer tree.
every morning. for years.
I had the DISTINCT feeling that their conversations were ALWAYS very very "negative" and full of anger.

Thus i have a therory, a therory only. i can NOT know if my supposition is real or not, but it would make a very very *very*
good example of how the "5th demensional earth" would work....as the suicide son lived in the house with the parents and their house was only 60 feet away from the "room of negativity" where they bitched at life for one to three hours per day...that room was like of a RADIO TRANSMITTING ANTANNEA, that sent out negative astral vibes daily. thus their deer leg appeared by the tree!
thus they may have influenced the boy to end his life, their vibes were so "non life supporting"; basicly..."life's a bitch then you die"
kind of rants, in that room. I can not KNOW this for fact, but I could feel the negativity vibes coming out of that room of theirs!

link: their deer bone---tree honoring suicide boy. their vibes---invoke negative feelings in the boy, his radio picked up the vibes!!
like MY transmitting, at my meditation, attracted his mother.
perhaps when the two men get to heaven, they may have to help this boy get his act together as they "had a hand" in his death, if my theory is right.
do i have a right to even MAKE this suppossition?! well, I see what i see, the pieces fit...but even IF it was "only" a story and not
linked, in THIS CASE: the story would be a good example of how we live in the 5th demensional world!
"what you are inside will attract around you from the outer world, the reflection of this: like attract like"-----will, this Law, be greatly Increased, in magnitude and scope!!