Wednesday, April 03, 2002

ah spring in tallahassee.

the notherners might call it "summer", but tis spring.
interesting place to live, in 100,000 ways...

there is a recycle binbox near my bedroom window. i was moving it around to the back of the trailer away from my bedroom window, when my friend from next door came over and he wondered to me why i was moving my box to a harder to get to place?!

"tis time to move it, it now awakens me at 4 AM"!
he scatched his head.....
"yes", i said...."my recycle bin wakes me up...tis a FROGATORIUM you know...

---good place for tree frogs to huddle under! I opened up the lids and showed to him that there were three tree frogs under them!
you would not BELIEVE how loud a tree frog sounds at 4 am!!