Tuesday, April 02, 2002

---advice to someone, in a letter, who loves a lady who is emtionally disturbed and has "problems"!

well xxx, i can see that this lady thing will go on and on...

recall how it is with someone without a spiritual Vision. they see only worldly values as being real!
as an end. thus the toys you own and the $$$ you make, counts for all! power and influence over others counts for all too.
flip side of this is that the pains are real too!

so i suspect she stands about three inches from a wall and she can see only just what is in front of her eyes!! thus she can only see a circle of wall about four inches wide---she sees not the rest of the wall, the room behind her, the outdoors and sky outside of the window...let alone another person in the room!

like a kid with his face pressed up against a bakery window where there is a cookie just on the inside of the glass, the kid wants that cookie SO bad, it fills his whole hard drive of a brain, just as it looks about four feet across to him, that cookie. he will scream and kill for that cookie!
so this lady is caught up in her emotions of the moment. the moment. next moment the emotions may change and THAT becomes the emotional need of the moment.
hell of it is....you LOVE her! and she loves you too, somewheres in there inside of her!!
thus she has no way to "get outside of the box" to get a vantage-point upon her way of life. she is in "illusions", a waking dream.
you may have more to you than that, more of a old soul...but she is where she is and she thinks that multiple men IS the way and she feels that money and career, in her man[men] are utterly what is real and important!

you cannot change her, she must Do the cirriculum course, she is in "3rd grade", you may be in 5th grade.
3rd graders can only do third grade stuff, you cannot force her.
thus basicly this is not solveable. maybe some of her relatives KNOW this, thus they do nothing as they KNOW that it is all up to her!
this is why i feel that the only change is within YOU: change your vantage-view and all changes into Forgiveness and Understandings...
Know that she is a young soul and that she will go to heaven like you will. know that only she can learn her lessons that she came here for. by understanding her and the way she is and the "whys" of her life; you gain Understandings and thus can forgive.

perhaps it is time that you begin to ssek other roads and other opportunities, elsewheres. she will wiffle to yes and then to no....for the rest of her life, holding you in Ransom to her illusions....

and do not be so hard upon yourself,
as such a self image gives permission for these ladies to walk over you. if you "are a nuttun"...then she will treat you like a nuttun!!
try to find ways to love yourself. the Lord loves you...