Friday, March 29, 2002

Yes, the things that this Journal is for....

I realized yesterday, pondering a bit about my weblog, how my styles of writings gives to me some lament! from writing in this journal, i see more clearly now how my comminication is of a STORYTELLER!
this is against the grain of the styles of today. i find that i do NOT do well writing about "politics"
or opinons. seems what happens is that i end up writng somewhat "schizoprenicly" as i cut up the ideas too too much, tearing the life out of what i write.
I find that i do better describing an image, a place...there are no images in politics or rants!!

take my hometown diner called "Norms"! if i were to describe Norm's diner, i would be very though and detailed. i note that each and every particular thing that i describe...the bulliton board, what is on it, the particular piece of paper in the left hand corner, the age of the sheet of paper, the newspaper that it was cut out of, the article itself----each and every detail reveals so so so much about my hometown: all of one peice where if i were to just describe one bit of it: be like i give to you a living frog but i wrench off its head and keep the head but hand to you the rest of that living[now dead] frog!

see, in that diner, if i choose *this* item over *that* item, why it changes utterly the whole flavor on my story! why if i choose to describe one man's meal, in great hour-long detail....why that man's whole life in that town is revealed!

---but alas...this is more of a verbal art, and no one has the time for to listen to it nowadays!
there is no one that i have TOLD my dreams to, in the way that i would like! i leave out MOST of it, no time. even my writngs of any one dream, leaves out 80% of what i expereinced.

it would indeed be this folks.....that the listener would INDEED sit before me for two hours and i do *every* bit of the talkings: you sit there and absorb and listen to my story...then i would ask you 59 questions and getr feedback.
all day, perhaps, it would take.......

so i am going to write descriptively, in my weblog future, much the more politics and rants!!