Tuesday, March 26, 2002

yes folks, those two dreams really got me to think.....
[see the last post, to read them!]

think about how maybe i may not live long after all!
think about the symbols of the dreams....as I have traveled maybe 50 times back and forth from new york to north florida, over the years.

some things are now more obvious.
---as i live Right next to the georgia border, i consider georgia to be the first state. thus...new york is the 7th state. the 7th state between geaorgia and new york state, traveling up the eastern coast!
---"june first".....that day is 27 days from my birthday. "27" means to me, to be where one comes around to the same place ONE LEVEL UP in octave...thus it is "birth" one level up!
[in some spirit books, the souls in heaven celebrate their heavenly birthdays to be the day that they died and came to heaven!]

thus this Journey dream is the great archtype-ical dream messege of...."the last stage on the road of life, dying and going to heaven...of COURSE one enters heaven alone, facing the great expanses of heaven, and of course one is not really really alone at all, all of spirit and spirits are there! the "aloneness' refers to how only "I" enter heaven...none of my friends, possessions, things...of the earth...come with me!

I had this dream on the 22 of march. that is 98 days from my birthday. I have lived here, on and off, in Tallahassee, fl...since 1960. that is 41 years, 1960 to fall of 2001. i left my hometown, probably for the last time, in the fall of 1998, at 57 years old.
I have always considered that "i have lived two lives"! one here in florida and the other in my new york hometown.
41 + 57 = 98!

so this "41" will turn over to "42" in september of this year. IF i am alive then, then these two dreams are not "prophetic" as to "right now"...i may live to the OTHER big date, the date that my friend sam tells me as he spoke to me from heaven to tell me...."2005 DF" over and over and over. too, i have heard the Inner Voice tell me..."three years to get ready"! maybe MASSIVE earthchanges then, the spring of 2005.

I face the real possibility of going "HOME" before these earthchanges, before september of this year...or...maybe waiting until then. Be interesting IF i die now, what will be my Role, in heaven, in regards to these changes that may occur. will it be a matter of a million people or 40 billion people dying?
surely there will be many healing centers readied, for the great influx of souls, before 2005: maybe i will try to be of service there!

keep tuned.