Saturday, March 30, 2002


yesterday at Piccidily's caferteria, a strange strange food experience. here i was, sitting down to enjoy my early supper, almost alone. I sit at a table alone: tis quiet at 3 pm, hardly anyone here, i can actually enjoy my food.
salt. pepper. sugar. butter. cut.
i lean over to cut a slice of my very first bite-to-be, of liver, and stab it with my fork and lift it to my mouth
while looking down at the plate. Put bite in mouth.
*AT* the very instant the very very first moment of taste counsciousness of the liver arrives, AT the very same nano-second, three men rush over to my table and embrace each other in a "Been years since i have seen you"...embrace...handshake...and LOTS of motion about one foot from my head.

I might *as* well have jumped up and embraced them all, liver in mouth and BE part of the reunion, AS i WAS part of that reuinion!!

taste of food = reunion.
both are the same.
thus....the three men ATE my liver, ATE my counsciousness of the liver-taste.

want more?!!
the day before, AT the very instant the first bite was tasted, the next table over, with baby carrage and four mothers with many many packages from shopping, why they all got up, and with food in mouth, i had to writh up against the wall to let them all pass by, they thanking me profusely as i talked to all four of them in an animated conversation!!

in 1974, when i stayed with my mother for part of a year as she broke her foot with that 90 cat cat kennel that needed me to care for them, the Grand Champions with walls of blue ribbons, in the pens...
there was a Dawning of this process of "food bites"! my father worked in his auto shop that he owned, behind the barn, and he came up for lunch everyday around 11 am to noon. same time i had my lunch.
as i lifted my fork to my mouth for that very first bite, he would sit down and begin conversation!
bite=father! there was NO WAY that he could tell that i would be ready to eat as he sat down to eat his own meal: this instantaniousness of my first taste=his engaging a conversation....thing seemed to occur about

19 times out of 20 meals!!!
this went on for four months!! he had no way to tell time and it took him ten minutes to arrive from his shop and i could not see him walk up.

LESSON i have learned, folks: the Very First Bite of Food Belongs To Others!
always. every meal.

THEORY: for 100,000 + years, when the family sits down to eat, the first helping of food would be placed upon the family ALTER, the Ancestors alter, for their ancestors to eat, vicariously!
Steiner writes about how, before modern times, the only way for a soul to have a counsciousness after death, unless Inituated, was to live through their living family upon the earth! they would obtain a kind of Subtle Nurishment through the food, the "essence aura" of the food, the Vital aura of the food.
these ancestors would only be awake, in heaven, when near their families. soon they would re-incarnate as one of the family members.
One of the modern ancestor-worship new religions, of Japan, of Shinto type...????malichi?? i cannot recall its name.....
one member of this religion noted how any food that is place upon this family alter will in 20 minutes be utterly TASTELESS as all of its essence is eaten by the Spirits! back then, 10,000 to 100,000 years ago, the only way a person could be awake, in the afterlife, would be for him to "hover" near the family alter, in the home, and live THROUGH the living family.

THIS was why it was considered, for a person, the very *WORST* fate that could befall a person would be to die alone in the wilderness and not be able to find their family alter!! they would "die" truly: be asleep until somehow they reincarnated! not have *any* afterlife at all!

the first bite, for me anyway...of my meals, is for humanity, i guess!! for the living and the dead. i could give a hundred examples of this in my own life: fill blogger journal of it! when ever i eat that very first bite, almost always i NEED to DEEPLY engage and to bond with someone near me, near my table!
my taste awareness = encounter.
one counsciousness, of several people.
they eat my food. humanity is served.

the first fruits go to the Gods[God].....the Bible says....