Wednesday, March 13, 2002

it is working, Blogger!
i guess everything is being upgraded, in galaxy!

been busy spending my net-time trying to sorta counsel someone about their "bad divorce"!
"she says...he says"
a bottomless pit of unknowns and i have wrote him to tell him that i am 1200 miles away in more ways than one!! no way i can see or help him.

but i feel he did have some trouble dealing with a suggestion that i made!
he is taking it on his chin...he says that he cannot live without her and that she has turned against him...unrelinquished love. all of his emotional eggs are in HER basket
and he feels "suicidal"...what is life worth without her.

but my suggestion was...that she is holding him hostage and he, himself, is holding us all, the relatives, hostage!
this is so because he "needs" all of us to assuge and to heal him of his pain!

I try to now tell him that he should take charge of his own healings! to change himself rather than to change her! to become a kind of MAGE, a Magik-ian, where
he gets away from...where he is now---letting the envirnment act upon him. he reacts, now, to anything that she says or does. but if he could act, awakedly independant of this external emotional-driven storm, then he could change HOW he reacts to this external lady's emotions.
now it seems as if his boat is blown about by any wind that blows: what if he could sorta install an extra sail on his boat where he could now sail against the wind and to define his own directions, not always in tune with the wind's urgings. to choose his own port.

"it is not what happens to ya, but how you react to what happens to ya"....i have read. i hope to apply this to MY own life, more, too!!