Tuesday, March 05, 2002

there was an interesting article in the Sunday Times about the weather channel/www.weather.com!!

article says that people are spending far more time looking at weather, weather all over the world, to re-assure themselves that there is such a thing as "normal weather"! the writers says that there has been no normal weather for years, and that it is getting worse, roses in january and storms beyond belief.

yes here in Tallahassee this morning the temp may have been 18 degrees, the radio announcer says that tallahassee was colder then new York City, this morning. this is after EIGHT INCHES of rain!

the writer says that we all are full of guilt for altering the earth's weather..."oh my God, what have we all done?!"

my take on this is that....
1---the weather we see is a projection reflection of our own lives---just WHEN have our lives been normal, of late?!
2---we all have now observed weather that we never have seen before just because that we have not seen it before!! better reporting and better observations reveal wether analomies that have always occurred, but never noticed!
3---yes the weather HAS changed!

there is yet more, to my obsevations!
our own lives? those words "counsciouness raisings" or "increase of spiritual awareness": the words sound so
abstract and so unconnected to what such a elevated, increased, counsciousness would be like.
...w-e-l-l...THIS is some of the effects, we all notice things that never have been noticed before!
we have all lost our INNOCENCE...the word "wholesome" makes us grit out teeth, a bit.
I agree...."innocence' is another word for "uncounscious"!! take those catholic priests, there, in the Boston area...what was it i read...over 80 priests have allegations of child sex abuse levied against them: but this has always gone on,, the church represses, yes, but we did not want to know and did not care to know...
now we cannot hide anymore.
And "wholesome"? everyone has feet of clay and as the song goes..."we gotta do a bit of hell before we all do heaven"...none of us is pure and clean and would you WANT to be?? some of that "dirtyness' is valuable life experiences that the pre 1960 generations would just want to deny the existance of!!

our weather will never be "normal" ever again!
like our lives too!!