Friday, March 15, 2002

a small talk with an old aquaintance an hour ago. he sits at a REAL big desk, surrounded by shelves of books and filefolders by the hundreds.
the desktop on his computer must have one hundred icons on it, each a shortcut to something.
"director of archeology"....i think is his title....
for the whole state, that is.

we talked a bit about our personal lives and then we talked shop a bit about his experiences.
he told me how often a person would bring an arrowhead into the office, for indentication, and this person would hand the arrowhead to him to expect him to grab it. my friend found that BONDED the person's "trip" to him! he stopped touching people's things from then on...
the visitor would always have a personal identifacation with this object and if touched, then you would be in bond-league with that person.

like; someone mailed to me a hat, his hat, or rather, a store hat that had his company logo on it. he is undergoing a bad divorce and is emotionally in need of bonding to his position over his feelings: if i were to wear his hat then i would wear his hat!! i have a feeling that he EXPECTS me to wear it! be a slight to him if i did a slight to him if i did not bond with his position 101%!!

then we talked about how people often only have a bit of the truth and when they latch onto a "truth", they become a NAZI over it!
like: 'the Indian lovers" who do not even imagine how there are 10,794 tribes of indians, each with a whole different symbol system of cosmology and ways of life!
like: the "fruitiarians" who latch onto ruit as the One true Way, not even having a clue that most of the fruit today is sugar!
IS sugar, as all of that man manipulation of the genes over time has increased the sugar content of most fruits. the original apple was like a crabapple, bitter and full of fiber and not very sweet.

thus we each latch onto one section of reality and call it "all of reality"!