Friday, March 01, 2002


what a small shock i had yeasterday!!

there was some small Insight that a key that unlocks most of my dream questions about my "coming death"!!

[i will not go through all the intermediate details with it here...]

oh boy!
that angel visit back six months before i was to have died but dream said that i am to have a repreve....

that was it!
that was the time that i was sopposed to have died!
my lifework was done and My Time to enter heaven was at hand.
angel told me.
----I am Unreteiveable! spirit cannot fetch me back to heaven, like of a time machine traveler to the past and then when he enters his machine at the end of a day, he finds that it does not work: he is stranded for life in the age of Dinasours[like in the sf book!]
---my True self of spirit has already withdrawn and most of that is now in Spirit.
---end of 1998, that was the Time of leaving! at 57 years of age and 63 years of Service, counting up the years taken together of the two major places that i have lived in!

total: 120.
like that signpost in the dream of the Mountain land!!

so this may take me moths to deal with. the First thing, i did, today, was to pray to spirit not to hold that mountain cabin for me anymore: give it to someone else. then i prayed to give my calling and my heavenly life to Souls who deserve, to fill my shoes there.

there. no place or calling is there anymore for me when i get there.
now i guess i can do anything.

for i have lived beyond my endtime!
now i know why that old man told me his age of 63 when he looked at least 85 years old and that psychic saw him as an angel come to give to me a messege!
now i know why that other psychic friend of mine told me that this man can not die, that he has lived beyond his end, but he cannot die!
that man is a reflection OF ME!
i have acted upon the stage after the last act; all the audience has gone home, the janitors are at work and the security man is locking up the doors: i am still on the stage with NO lines left and no way to get off!

so i sorta look forwards to walking around in the china shop, me a bull! see what breaks! see what Interseting karma i can do...

goona be awhile on this one!!----to think this the "what next"!!