Wednesday, March 20, 2002

an Interesting small dream last night.

----Interesting how I look at my dreams very very differently, after i began to have astral travel experiences and visions of afterlife places where i would go to out of body!
i look at my dreams very differently as now i see that inbetween the colorings, of an "ordinary dream", there are often bits and picies of Real Stuff, stuff of other worlds and places here on this earth.

I wonder if i am actually seeing other places on this earth, or am i really seeing images in first person, images from other people's lives. If, say, i were to see, in a dream, a picture-scene from the rim of the grand i astrally there or am i using an image from someone's memory, someone else, who months ago visited that canyon, and now i see through his eyes, so to speak. i can not tell the differences in my dreams.

so last night, it was apparent that i was walking on a dusty street in a city of ruined mud buildings where there was nothing outside of the city market area but arid rocky desert. a bleak scene except for the fact that the people of this small city were all very very happy over something; they bustled about in happyness.
the walls of many of the buildings had posters on them, in various stages of decay. there was a bright new large one, i looked very closely at it, but it was written in AREBIC. the arabian characters...

I reached out to touch tis poster, as i knew that in my dream that i was in AFGANISTAN, and i wanted to make some sort of contact with something there, in this i was amazed, in my dream, in self-awareness, that i WAS in Afgan!!