Thursday, March 28, 2002

I met an aquaintance at the city bus station yesterday...oh WOE!

"woe" indeed, as this guy seems to have the same soul vibe everytime that i see him, a vibe that i find too too common!
Here is a man who has a very high IQ and hates the idea of any religion telling ya what to do.

put down and cynical: that is the vibe i get. very very hard NOT to reply in kind as "it is the real human need to bond in sympathy"
[there are actually people that i know that it is more important to bond with them in this kind of "negativity, in AGREEMENT with it, as the Sharings is vastly more important to them, then any sort of "enlightenmental uplifting criticism of their negativity....would be!!]

tis seems to be the "Occupational Disease" of the be cynical and putdowning to everything. i can well see why! after all, when the Heat Death of the Universe is obvious and Every Nice Apple Will ROT, what uplifting thing can they ever see?!
do not try to talk of "religion" or "spirit' to them.....I have found! some of them have been royally BURNED, over the years, by organized religion....[fondled by their minister?!]

I guess they will have to COOK in their own juice! to live a life where everything decays and rots, sooner or later, and nothing lasts!