Wednesday, March 27, 2002

a grey sky morning this am as i entered the green in front of the Strozier library to begin my computerings. there was a group of tents on the green, a small group of students by them with tables
and posters----they were going to have a small demonstration about something.
i went over...
"students against migrant worker expoitation"

I talked to the lady by the table with all of the many many handouts and leaflets.
i said....
do you all know that the major city recycling companies send all of the plastic over to India and 5 years old children melt it down, working 12 hours a day: recyclers ENABLE child labor!
putting out your recycle-stuff, in the bin, in most big cities, IS an agreement FOR child labor!"
i betcha", i told her and the other students..."that each and every object here...the tents...tables..all of the handouts..and even the clothes on your backs and the food that fed your bodies....was made by expoited labor, somewheres in the IRONIC: all of these laborors made it possible for you all to demonstate
and to wave your liberal-left causes, here on campus----let alone make it possible for you all to attend college!!"

---top of the food chain, they are......