Friday, March 22, 2002


In the last two nights, there were two dreams, dreams that I have to "bite the bullet" on and accept the "awfull" Dharma that goes with them!

---first one
two nights ago, I was out of body standing in a field with hundreds and hundreds of people! probably thousands. a vast field, i arrived in a train with many others...i suspect that these people were
other out of body people, gathered for some unknown purpose, by a "someone or something".
I do not know....but it was the feeling that This Was Important. then i saw something strange. several people floated up into the air and away! or rather.....i could see that they were TAKEN! a large rod of light was besides each....some High Spirit Guide from a deminsion far far above this one in vibration, apparently each chooses one person to take away for some unknown purpose. one guide per person.
only a handfull out of hundreds...thousands?.....
Suddenly a rod of light appeared besides of me, a rod about six feet high...and i floated away.
I was taken across an open field. into a tree trunk, though this tree trunk...i heard in my head..."you can go through this, it is nothing". then a larger tree was before me, i went through it slowly, there was resistance as if the mass of astral matter my body could detect. "this large tree offers resistance", my Taker says...
then there was a church before me with a HUGE dead tree next to it, right only a foot from the back of the building. Guide says..."you must go through will not be easy". I could only *just* do it, the resistance was so great, the guide had to give to me extra energy to recharge me, afterwards!

WHAT THIS MEANS.....that huge dead tree means the dead dogma of the Christian church...or of *ANY* religious system: i am supposed to deny and to "go through" all of it! I am Told, apparently, that all such holding to dogma...must GO!
[ah..i can hear the handclappings, from the Wicca/satanists...New Agers.. etc..etc, now! yes, that deadness that is in the church...]
ah! but this means that the dogmas of the new agers and the wicca and the of Sai baba...
Love truth formless and churchless. no pictures, no adherence to forms. adherence to any "church" in any "isms"....MUST GO!!

---second dream...last night!
the long journey Home...i walked with my friends from my tallahassee city, to my place of birth in upstate new york! walked!!
my what a long long dream, people!! hours and hours of dreamtime. but i noted how i walked with each and every person that i ever knew, as a close spiritual-connected friend. usually these people were close to me in matters of spirit also. People that i could talk to and Share my experiences with and I give to them feedback on their own spirit experiences. there were not many of these people, only two or three.
each of the two or three, walked with me for maybe hours, of maybe a whole state, as i walked northwards.
However...there came a time when they each "failed" to keep up with of the book PILGRAM'S PRGRESS, each person fell to a temptation and remained behind to enjoy a wonderfull experience of sharing that i was not permitted to of one close friend who was offered a wonderfull mixing with a group of people over wine and beer and a kind of a "party", a party that would last for a long LONG time....a had to walk away ALONE.
there was a guide with me, for this trip.{same guide as for the other dream???]
he told me at the end of the dream....."it is now june first, and you are in new york state, just crossing the pensylavannia are alone and for the rest of the journey you will be, and MUST be, ALONE!"
"alone" was said with Authority and Power.....
I suspect that when i "arrive" in my hometown, it will then be time for me to die. the rest of my life will be, suppossed to be
ALONE. no friends, no sharings...
26 days between june 1st and my birthday...since i live in "two places" at the same time...maybe 13 more years, and die at 73 years, like my father and my grandfather, his father, before me! [each year is two years!]
or maybe it is jouney directed...tis about 900 miles as the crow flies, from tallahassee to upstate new york, my home town of Interlaken...the ratio of distance covered to distance yet to be covered...

as all of my friends have died or gone their way, in my life time of 60 years....
my Next Assignment is beofre me.