Thursday, February 21, 2002


managing the log is quite a job: every time that blogger changes something in the servers, i have to diddle with the ringlinks!

like life!
everything that is good to accomplish, and to worth doing at least ten times!!

---what i mean is.....
anything here in this physical world that one does, is not permanent, it must constaintly be diddled with, in order to keep it in the same form that you set up it for!
---fix your car's transmission? why do it again. and again! and then yet another time, for the very same problem!
---tape a picture on the wall, SO simple an act?...but the next day the tape sags and ya tape it again. the next day you tape it even better, as it fell down. the NEXT day, you glue the durn thing onto the wall, as it fell yet again! and the day after THAT, you finally NAIL the thing to the wall!! then you move to another house.

yes people say..."the stable physical world" huh?? every single thing rots, moves, comes apart.

---from what i see from my dreams and what i have read from heaven, whatever you set up, will remain until you decide to change it! so if you spend a heavenly "hour" arranging a flower arrangement on your table, this arrangement will sit there unaltered for days...weeks...years, until you, yourself, change it. thus heaven is the stable place, not earth. here, why your cat will tip over that arrangement just when you turn your back! after you do it again and put the cat outdoors, then WILT sts in and even if there is water in the flower vase, some of the flower heads bend over and droop from wilt. a day later the water begins to stink. two days later, you toss it out!