Saturday, February 16, 2002


been one rollor coaster ride with my dreams about my dying soon!!

TODAY---I had about as much of a "wakeup shock" as EV must have had when he came into his office and saw What His Machines Did to Him behind His back, the night before!!

In the summer of 1981, i moved to my sister's for a year. she lived in her Mountain Home in the mountain land just outside of Asheville, north carolina...the only way in or out of the valley was over three 3500 foot passes or else up the 1500 foot canyon! Tis was a "appalalchian heaven and my dreams, even then, indicated that it was *like* i had died and went to heaven! this is what the area symbolized, for both of us.
about three months into the 15-odd months there, i had this here Dream!
---------I awoke to the dream where i saw before me a Map table, with a large diagram upon it. i came closer and i saw that it was a copy of some sort of form, with writting on it and writing that was in some language that i never saw before! a Person off to my side that i never did ever see, told me that this was a copy of my
"Life Incarnational Intent" form!!
there were SOME things that i could read.
"date of birth....1922 Cornell" [i was born in mother went to Cornell U. then!]
"born a man...NOT a woman"
"date of death...1964"
In the dream i said to the Guide that now it was 1981 and i had not died!!
he pulled off the map and replaced it with yet another map, the same form, the same info about me except that the death date now read....
"date of death...1981" [!!!!] i looked at this date, the print began to shift, right before my eyes, and the date changed....
"date of death...1982"

It was now about November of 1981!
i was a bit nervious: but HEY...I was already *in* a symbolic heaven and my birth date was symbolic, thus this would be too!!

In about another year...october of 1982, we both moved to Dallas, texas. there i had another dream.
In this dream, i was told that the Mountain land represented the Place where one arrived after death, but needed to "prepare" in order to go to the REAL heaven, which texas represented.
thus that mountain land would be, in its heaven true counterpart, a kind of benevolent "purgatory" in order for one to 'get up to speed' for the real higher heaven that is above it, the "texas" land!
[anyone here who is "really" interested in this: go read in my files-link, the vision experiences about the "appalachian lands"!]
so yes, i did "die" in 1981 AND in 1982...symbolicly: thus the changing numbers before my eyes.

As the years passed by, i noted how i really lived TWO lives: my life of the body...the whole 60 years that i am now...and...another life where i expressed my Soul into the world...Tallahassee, florida. i came here in early september of 1960 and now have been here for 41 years, on and off.
if i ADD the two lives together, i get that i have lived a total of 101 years. 101 years in both places: body life and soul life.

Now for the Kicker!!
if i add the two lives at any one point, i get a sum-total. if i came to tallahassee in september of 1960 and i was born in June of 1941: take the fall of 1971. Body + Tallahassee, that is...30 plus 11 = 41
that is...on the 1st of september of 1971, my life-total is 41 years, as i have been in tallahassee 11 years and been living since birth 30 years.

let me see what june of 1981 says...on june of 1981, i was 40 years old. I moved to my sister's in the mountains in July, a few weeks later. I have been living in tallahassee 20 years, since september of 1980.
total....60 years!

Both of us left for texas in october of 1982. that is....41 years plus 21 years = 63 years!

Big Time!!
THIS means that i well may INDEED run out of "life energy" before the end of my 60th year and spend the three years in the appalachian mountian heaven-land counterpart, and prepare to Go On...until i am 63!!!
this VALIDATES the suspician that my 63 years includes two or three "appalachian years"!!
---and that is why i "died" in 1981-1982, as per that map!

why did that map also say "1964"??! if i have Jesus in my heart, he is with me....thus his 33 years is with me too!
thus on september 1st of 1964, my tallahassee years are 4 and my earthly years are 23.
add them to 33!
4 + 23+ 33 =60
---and three years afterwards i went to JAPAN! In Japan, i had a dream that Japan represented the "higher heaven"! i was 63, if you add that "33"!
THAT is why i "died" in 1964!!

I Do Think that i better Get This Final Preparation Under way...anything that i need to reach out for or to let go of!! i might very well "run out" of life-force, before 2005!
stay tuned folks.....oughta an *interesting* Journal, in the months ahead: i watch those June Eclipese like a chicken in the field watches the hawk that circles overhead! moon eclipse on my Rising planet, the solar eclipse on my ascendant, the other moon eclipse on my sun!!!
---though i should not have to constantly dwell on this topic again, in my future writings!!