Saturday, February 09, 2002

well folks!

this here "old man" turning out to be NOT so simple, as i say.....
[LESSON]....when walking in the Spirit, and living a life of Spirit...there are few accidents and few ordinary events, as there is always that overlay of spirit at work!]

so an Angel had this man tell me that i will live to be 63 eh?
I did some Reality Checking, today!
there IS a way to see, for me, if this here airplane will fly?!
[LESSON]...always check your information against Something true, a touchstone: think about what you got from spirit: but not too MUCH! could mind-pick the Inspiration apart if you are not carefull!]

Sathya sai baba!
i would call him "my Guru" if i had such a person.
should i Ask Him?
i do not need to!!
I was told this information about my age of death, on feb 6th. Baba was born on nov 23 but really the 22nd as there is 10 hours of timedifference between India and the usa.
NOW baba is 76 years old, they count from a year before birth, in India! 76 on nov 22 of 2001

there are 76 days between nov 22 and feb 6 !!!!!

and second. there are about 142 days between feb 6 and my birthday of june 28th.
on november 22 of 2004, baba will be 79, and i will have turned 63, that summer-June.
79 + 63 = 142 !!!


If you were to go to the links there on the left of this page at
where my files are kept...and you went to the section of "my earthchange visions" and "other people's earthchange visions" would find some POWERFULL visions that we ALL have about 3 years to get ready for some Massive upheavals!!
---i wonder.....???
perhaps i will die of this. YOU could too!

keep tuned!