Friday, February 08, 2002

this old man thing is now getting very VERY Interesting indeed!

In my last post, an hour ago, i wrote about how a psychic wrote to me to tell me that "this old man is an angel that came to help ME!" I spent a little time out in the nice 60 degree sunny day tallahassee library park with my lunch, a-pondering all of this1

i have, or am coming to a conclusion here.
the reason my friend said that this man lied when he said that this old man's age age was 63, was that my friend, himself, was inspired to say that to me...., there is no "game" execpt for that! he said it, spirit had him say it, so to make me think, as there now is "dissonence" between what seems obvious...his apparent age...and what he says to me about his age.


this here number means MUCH to me in MY own life, it has appeared in certain places that seem to infer that THIS is the age that i will die at, amounsgt other meanings!! i am now 60 and there seems to be Important indicators that i will live till then.
DID the Angel that oversees this old man get him to say this?!
I am beginning to think so....the old man is "real" but an Angel Guide speaks through tell me that he is 63 years old: that age will be my age when i die.
i will live a few more years.


---my shaman friend who came from heaven to tell me that "2005 DF" phrase....over and over and over and over and over, maybe ten to fifteen times! burn it into my brain....that same day i read of "Hard Drive failure" in a magizine...
shaman Sam....he WOULD tell me something like this, my death date.
2005, say febuary or may of 2005....i will be 63 in june of 2004.

there is more
*MUCH* more!
Sam was very very interested in the "end of the world' in some great Biblic catastrophy! for years, in high school and afterwards for years....why when both of us were in the air force, stationed 2000 miles apart, we had a town courthouse steps where we would walk to meet at, halfway between our two air bases, IF the world were to have war/earthchanges while we were stationed at the two bases far apart!!!

one day i pondered this Sam saying on the walk to the mall, a month ago...i pondered sam's dream and i heard a silent voice in my head that said..."three years to get ready"!!
in that Phoenox mail-list[i think that list] there was a Seeing by another lady who really really struck me as she foresees great destruction for the earth about 2004...2005! 63 years of death may not be due to sickness or accident: the bells toll for thee ALL too!!
yes, the bells may toll for everyone, we all die at "63" as the earth does what cayce/manderville/423 prophets and Seerers say that
it does!

thus...folks...the Angel that spoke through the old man tells me that i will live till 2004-5 and die at 63, if what i read now is right!
And maybe we all will too!