Tuesday, February 05, 2002

So here I sit.....moon in 6th house...pondering a bit What Seems To Be Going On....

Even as I stare mr death in the face, maybe maybe, I am still interested in the world.
I can hear the Howdy Doody peanut gallery shouting to me, now..."why Freestone, you should, as you cnfront the possibility of your death, before or on the middle of summer...why you really ought to
--join a monestary.
---meditate 15 hours a day.
---eat salads and sushine only.
---read about heaven and the afterlife 8 hours a day.
---join the baptist church and become saved.

In other words: leave the earth and Go Out Into The Countryside and Prepare.....


My own intuition tells me, at least for me, completely the otherwise! after all, i may not die at all, yet: only a symbol of this!

I know already that heaven exists. Feels right that i should BACK into heaven's door, facing backwards into the world, like the CRAB that walks backwards...[four planets in cancer including the sun and moon and mars in pices and most everything else in the 12th house!]
the cancer sign way....as what i do here on earth TRANSFERS into heaven, as a spiritual harmonic, then i really ought
to be MORE physical, instead of less!
more putting stuff into my soul, gotta put it into my soul-basket to take with me!

more pizza. more roast beef. more new york times. more malls. more walks in nice neihborhoods.
more people. more trips. more $$$$.

when the destination-address is known, the Guidebooks are not now needed!

---so this is why, perhaps, you may not find great Spiritual writings, in this here Journal: tis only a journal of a man who lives the life that we all live.
warts are.
bitches is....
I only wish for me to critic Intelligently and to write positively praises....in my journal ahead!