Monday, February 11, 2002

quiet monday.

there was another small inspiration came to me in the Mall as i sat eating pizza!
[yes often such inspirations come when i am thinking and doing other things as then only is the window open!]

my Inspiration was very very pecular!

it was: "yes i will live as freestone till i am 63 years old, then i will go Onwards to become My True Self-Form! But----- "
[There is a Place in spirit that is partway between the earth level and the Celestial level
where i become that true-self-form. when i die to earth, i would still look and act like freestone, in that
"half-way house" of a heaven!]

"but", the inspiration says...." but freestone may still die this year, IF that next three years requires this middle zone of a place to be in that is non physical"!!
read: 'appalachian heaven land" and NOT in three more years as i am 60 now!!

stay tuned; surely there is kore to this as ther old man says "63' but there seems to be more....