Wednesday, February 20, 2002

the other day I had a great learning lesson about SYNCHRONISMS!

from the "old man who told me he was 63 years old"...and other events, i had a small revelation.
One of these other events....was my next door friend telling me that ...."some lady does not like to see me and talk to me so much as i am too too negative"!! he did not mention her name and i did not ask.
the next day, i did some small detective work, i called one of the few lady-friends that i now know, and one of the closest wonderfull friends. she laughed! she says that " you freestone, are one of the most UN-negative people that i know: was not ME he was telling you about!"

I finally saw that it was his wife.
? ? ?
so why is my friend so now "down' on any negativity that i seem to show to him: he got onto me a few days later, on this, again!...seems *any* down-news is a "no no, for me to ever tell him!"

at first i just thoight that he was undergong some personal life-snit, of his own, that i am not aware of...
then i got the e-mail messege about the "old man being an ANGEL sent to help ME"!
[well i can sure see how the old man was Inspired to give to me a messege: he was flesh and bones, though...just WHAT did this psychic lady infer?!]

now i see....
my friend and the old man were being acted upon by the same Spirit forces! they each were inspired to say and to act, the way that they did, to me!
my image for the old high school science lab demonstration where there is a magnet placed under a sheet of paper and iron filings are sprinkled upon the paper and thus the magnetic field is outlined in the patterns of the filings. the filings manifest the intangible pattern, need the filings to show it.
thus a sycncronism or events like that old man/my friend and his wife....are like "iron filings" that constallate around a pattern of spirit. that "63" number is a very very meaningfull number to me, having to do with my birthdate and something of my inner life...thus he was inspired to give it to me!
and my friend?
he probably was inspired to "get on me" as in my future there may be a place and time where it is important for me to be free of much as can be, thus any 'cleansings" of negativity, now, would be of help for this! for this future, as of now, unknown event.

so i would thus suppose that in ANYONE'S daily life, there are always hidden messeges delivered by Spirit..Angels..spirits...Guides, through other people and events.
people say and do things, spirit-guided, unknownst to order to give to!
look for them!