Thursday, February 28, 2002

the NEW York Times!

yesterday i found a very interesting article there. i had thought that the Quebec gov. had finally given up on that huge hydro-electric development in northern Quesbec that would have flooded out most of the Indians there.
they had not and it will soon occur: most of the article was about how most of the Indians will be dragged into 2002, whether they like it or more Old more rivers and traditions...white man gets them all to become Urban City dwellers with computers and SUVs and snowmobiles!

---then i read ANOTHER article in the same paper!
I always have thought that i am a "Indian" in a "white man's world"...not racially, but in a sense that the modern ways will overtake me and everyone else...
like: this article that said...
"research has found that over 90% of older people have too too high a blood pressure and that over 75% of them could be greatly helped with PROPER MEDICATION"
! ! !
read the signs folks?
soon very soon, we all will be "asked' to swallow 5 to 10 pills a day, hang the side effects, as these pills will keep us all healthy until we are 90 to 100! if you do NOT take these pills, why you die of old age and sufferings at 60 or 70!
---us "indians" on our lands of "no medications", being confronted with the White man's wants of our take the meds..."for our own good"!