Saturday, February 02, 2002

My experiences of going to heaven, in my dreams!

-----I saw yet again, the other day, how useless in this age it would be for me to tell anyone about them!

I recall my father, there in 1982 Interlaken, new york, a very very small farm town of about 600 people: the post office is about 400 feet from a cornfield, when i was there in 1998! In the one hometown diner, a man came to me and he told me about my father and how he could indeed tell tales! Father was a Master storyteller: he could spend hours and hours telling about Indian legends, indian mines, settler mines, the glaciers, the coal seams on Connecticuit Hill, the gold found, the silver...lead...copper mines, the geology of the fingerlakes...on and on and on....
One day father came into the diner and he talked for FOUR HOURS nonstop and he said every word and everyone of about ten men said not a single word! father had to eventually leave, and after he left, one man spoke up and he spoke, this guy said, for everyone there..."It is so sad to see Dudley leave: i wanted more"!!
---this town is sorta benevolently stuck in about 1950, or even maybe 1920! people had TIME, people did things slowly and the weather told ya what to do! people did things very very slowly, one could spend a whole day at something that many people do today in minutes! too, there is that chance where people talk of Depth, instead of just "surfaces".

so here is sit with about 20 or 40 tales of visiting heaven. One of them..."the Doopie Dolls" could
EASILY take me three hours to tell someone and you do NOT interrupt once! yes, one could indeed just go read it, in my writeup site, link is on the left of this page....but the writing of this story just about KILLS this story as only the *very* barest, sketchy, outlines, of the story, is written out!
---but who has the time and patience today for it: i would have to be the "elitist" and talk non-stop and be the very center of the group of people, like of a Master of in-old be able to do this.
Gotta git it out in ten seconds or less, better yet, tell it while the listener is also on the cell phone while talking to someone else at the table while reading the newspaper and thinking about the four appointments that must be taken care of just before this listener takes his son to soccer practice, while he gets his car-oil changed!
ya know....I do not believe i have EVER EVER told anyone, in any depth whatsoever, any of these tales of visiting heaven! not in the ten to fifteen years since i began to experience them!!

I am not bitter: on the contrary...i see that one must spend time doing the work of "first grade", before anything else. that means "". earth is the first grade. cannot do "calculus", before "algebra"....let alone "add and subract"! EARTH realm is..."just the
numbers...1..2..3..4..5..6..7..8..9..0", the numbers taken *as* individual numbers....your first grade standard math cirriculum!
gotta be *very* aquainted with "matter' and "form" as individual units, first!

ACTUALLY...what i feel is true, here, about the earth sphere is that it is useless to talk of heaven to someone, untill that "someone" is actually a SOMEONE!! gotta be someone there: gotta have a self can you become saved unless there is a "you" there first!
--that means..."ego-development" and "self-centeredness"! once you have a good ego, then YOU can
explore the Great Infiniteness of Spirit: otherwise that great Ocean just washes away that feeble sandcastle, of a poorly developed self, built on the low-tide line!
so this means...."money power control selfdisipline" NOT the words most "new-agers use!!!
so this is where, on this earth, where the "cup" is grown: the cup of self to someday contain the Spirit...many new agers reach for the Wine of Spirit BEFORE having made the cup for it!
Think: 'the holy grail!"

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