Monday, February 04, 2002

A letter that i wrote to Blogger....

hi ev!

here is a copy of my reply to my own post that i posted to, in "troubleshooting", in the "discuss", in Blogger......where i asked the question,"why does the "bloggerpro FAQ link crash everytime that i try to click on it?"
---i answered the question by my own reply, after several others asked....
here it is:

hi this is freestone yet again, the guy who began this question about crashing!

---tis a GOOD GOOD thing that i asked this here question as someone replied that "Pro-Blogger cannot be used with NETSCAPE!!": as i use only public computers and most of the time it is the University computer with netscape the browser!! net 4.0, no less!
thus my OTHER REAL Question is also answered here..."is blogger pro a good deal for me?!
it is not, as i only do just a bit with explorer, when i am at the other public library. thus until Prya gets the alternate browswers ready, pro will not be usable for me and besides, the University will still be using the net-4.0 version! Pro may be off off limits for me for good!

looks like i saved...[sigh]...$35 and much much frustration!!
ah well, i approve of pro-blogger...but i will use this "half full cup" of the free version, just like i value very very greatly my "half full cup" of a Vet Disibility Pension, where i can *just* live on it IF i have no car or no phone...etc..etc..
----thus no internet connection either, thus no way to use Explorer!
but i need that half full cup of the pension and i am glad to be able to use blogger at all! "crumbs"
are a full meal, to a mouse!

i do value that half full cup of my pension, but i see that one really really needs about $30,000 a year in order to take advantage of what is offered today, in the technical and media and even in the whole of civilazation!
no trips by train, no car no phone...etc..etc...
why i read that in the 60 biggest cities, a janitor on min wage and living alone CANNOT rent an apartment in 56 of the 60 cities.
In tallahassee, there must be over 100 to 400 homeless that i can see, in effect they are about the only friends that i can make as they are always around...
If i stop using blogger, it may NOT be that i have died!
it may be that finally the university or library people may have KICKED ME OUT!!