Wednesday, February 13, 2002

I got to thinking about that book on RAW FOOD...again! i talked to my gardejeiff friend about this as this book, for me, is a "classic' of something.
---here a man, literally riding on the Subway one day, really SEES how asleep everyone is, on the car around him... how much everyone around him is absorbed into their culture and media-driven ways of the modern life.
He saw that he needed NOW to get free and to become a "champion" to stand for himself, free of all of this! i cannot write the way this guy put it: but he wrote it so well, so declaritive on the need to AWAKEN
from soul awaken from the HERD-MIND that is of most people today.

however....this led him to become a raw food devotee. utterly utterly.
nothing cooked at ALL. period.
he says..."i take in mostly mono meals[one food till full], mostly fruit, until i feel satisfied. nuts are too rich and undigestible. greens fill the rest."
"hospitals ARE death: do NOT go to one ever"!

there is a picture of a close friend..."before" and "after"...becoming raw food. he looks very very ANOREXIC!

suddenly i see how this anorexic friend, to this writer, is *the* picture of health, as this utterly thin man is showing us all that he is not made up, in body fat, of all of what this culture has to offer! he will not eat this culture. he starves himself from the "20th centurary"!! "thin" as symbol. but not seen *as* a symbol, though, by this thin man!

---i remember the story of how a WW II prisoner, behind the lines, in germany, in a cell, was slipped a CROWBAR one night. the next night, the shot-down airman pried open the window to his cell and escaped. of course he took the crowbar with him....needed it to pry open more doors and fences as he walked across germany...makes a good weapon too! when he made it back to the states, he kept that crowbar for the rest of his life, as a momento, after its work was done!
----I rember the tale of the lady who, on a trip to Africa, on a Safari, she had a "spiritual experience" on a safari jeep trip, near a herd of garaffs. for the rest of her life she collected garraffs!! pictures on the wall, almost obsessive, by the dozens...garraffs on her desk...on her tables...on her walls.
for her..."garaff =spiritual experience" just like many LSD/acid takers feel it is the drug, not the experience that the drug led them to...thus they feel that the drug *is* the spritual experience and that they cannot achieve the Spiritual experience by other means!

so this raw food devotee. he sees 'freedom from the modern age" as something PHYSICAL only, like of Macrioboyoic eaters getting off on the DIET insted of the Zen teachings...not realizing that this "macriobotic food" is the food of the area of japan that the monks lived in! if Zen were invented in Norway, why the "Macriobotic eaters" would be eating dried kipper/anchovies fish, instead!

this raw food person is a "faster" of anything beyond the beginning of the industrial age, or before!
why the AMISH people have been there done that....long long before him...ever see a Amish/Menninite food store?
i have!
you would not believe the amount of sugar candy that they eat...200 feet of candy and probably 500 kinds of chocolate stuff, stuff coated with chocolate that you would not ever belive could be coated with chocolate!! next to the almighty candy, is the cooler full of SAUSUGE and cheeses!
many of the Amish/mennenites are FAT!!
their "cultural fasting" is more profound! and more real.
near the Amish families, in my hometown in upstate new york, are some other people who are "neo-amish". these are people who wear plain clothes and use computers and listen to Rock on the radio, but USE this culture, instead of being IDENTIFIED with this culture! closer yet. in my opinion!

so this raw food man is identified with his "crowbar", i feel...
how do ya get free from the thing that got you free?