Friday, February 01, 2002

hey i see that bloggerpro is here!
well i see that i do indeed post over 100k, from time to time, per month....

Interesting anyone....
here i sit with my half full cup called a "Veteran's Disibility pension". half full it is, it allows me to live: i read that a single man who is a janitor who makes min wage, in 56 out of 60 of americas biggest cities, he cannot rent an apt on that wage!
so i have no phone.
no car.
only a 300 pentium computer.
"one of each" of anyclothes.
----and probably NO BLOGGER PRO!

and ya know, in this country it is ILLEGAL to be poor!
just try to build a shack on some land! see how the zoning laws will stop ya in a day!
just try to make a deal to live in a warehouse for free if you make a deal with the owner to security-guard the place at night: his insurance rules keep ya from doing that!

on and on i could go is not permitted for on to live cheaply here, like in some 3rd-world country...
cannot build a cheap house outside of code and even the people who try to help ya, have to abide by Insurance laws and the like...
I figure you need $25,000, at least, as a single person without kids or obligations or debts, to live in the country and to Play The Game of using all of the services here!