Wednesday, February 06, 2002

and so i wonder, at all the people that i see around me. This here tallahassee city has grown a lot over the years. right down the street is a Development that promishes to have 600 to 800 units of 4 students per apt----2400 to 3200 people!
I sense a Terrible law operating here...."loving it to death"!
---every nice place, when it gets noticed, draws people who love it so, because of the peace and quiet, perhaps, and they bring everything with them and "Los Angeles" is the result!

I read how a most wonderfull Chilian South america Hippie community, in the Andes, a place that was THE center for all of the Hippie-new Age people, to move to and to be a community center in the southern it DIED!

the news article that i read a month ago had OTHER OPINIONS though about this here paradise!
Today there is filth and shit everywhere, there is no grass, all is mud and trash---too too too many people moved there and every system is utterly overwhelmed.

so i watch my tallahassee grow.

I recall my home town of Interlaken, ny that i lived in for a few years...1993--1998. a hometown lady moved back...she came from where she had spent twenty Los Angeles. she was utterly tired of all of the noise, people, congestion, traffic...etc..etc. she came back to get Peace and to be with her ailing mother. She soon got onto the town board and she joined with the group of business people to "promote Interlaken".
Interlaken has maybe 600 people and about once every ten years a new house is built...she told me that there were 425 families here. there are only about 30 to 40 stores and businesses here, and the post office at the end of the main street business section is 400 feet from a cornfield!
there are few jobs and lots of depressed people here, as well as good people and wonderfull countryside.
At this time Walmart was trying to get a store into ITHACA, about 20 miles away. there was much opposition there in this College town[cornell--Ithaca college]!
---and do ya know what this lady DID?!!
she actually WROTE walmart to suggest that they establish a regional supercenter on that 300 acres of land that was just outside of town[the cornfield 400 feet from post office!]. a supercenter that would be the focus of all the rest of the walmarts in western new york.
she then went on public forums in the town paper to suggest this..."the best thing that could happen to Interlaken is for this supercenter to be built...bring lots and lots of people to shop and stimulate everyone"!

I find that MOST small towns want a shopping center to move in.....

India now is mostly cities, i read.....

we ALL ust be really urban people now...the most creative of the people that i know BEGIN to function at 11 we all must really LOVE what we get...stimulus and sounds and all of that.
country=boredom.....for most people.

I know a five second TEST to see if you are a city person or a country person!
simple, this test.
---when you come back home after[whatever], do you turn anything on?
["on" in music or tv or something that is of sound or images]

if you DO turn on the stero or tv or are a city person: never mind if you live 30 miles out, you are Urban in soul.
If you do NOT turn anything are a country person: love that Silence and quiet!
[i never never turn anything on!!]