Monday, January 07, 2002

yes here it is monday the 7th.

I awoke with yet another dream to ponder.

DREAM: i stood about 100 feet from my grandfather's cottage on Cayuga lake, about 100 to 150 feet from the dock the dock where i, in another dream , i leaped upwards in joy, exclaiming that my life's work was done and that then i flew to heaven and joined a school there and lived in room 219 as i died at "218"!
----yes that 218 has appeared in many of my late dreams.!!

so here i stood near the cliff, i glanced at my watch only to see that the face of the watch had fallen off of it, leaving only the empty clock-face! ["time has ended"!!]. i looked on the ground and i saw the clock dial and the hands pointed to 2:18!

i was told,once, in a series of dreams, about some past lives that i lived. mostly the ages, the years lived: apparently "they" all worked on a Project that was longer than any one lifetime so that there was a thread of these. their numbers added up to
177. when i came to live in tallahassee in 1960, leaving Mother to go to college, even then i knew that i had left my childhood home in order to go live where i could live as an adult: thus tallahassee is my "soul home' where i lived my adult life as a soul.
this fall, i have lived here for 41 years.
177 + 41 = 218 !!!
that's it, the number revealed. childhood home where i was born is about 4 miles from this cottage, the cottage that i spent so much time at, with my grandparents. i am 60 now.....lets mile per 15 years, of the four miles: that gives one to four months till i reach that dock!!!

-----i suppose one day, my friend who i gave my Password to, will come to this journal and write out..."it is so sad, freestone has apparently a good journal here about death and the afterlife, well he passed away a week ago!"

so until then, or until Spirit gives to me an Extension.....i will have some very very very interesting dreams to write up here!!
[a verbal "live cam" of someone who is living his life, looking over his shoulder at mr Death approaching with Palmtop in hand, with my Apppointment on its hard drive!!----staring mr Death face to Face: oughta be some interesting writeups!]