Wednesday, January 23, 2002

while i am on the subject of SAI BABA!.......

I was thinking at my lunch just now about what i call,
"the difficult sayings of Sai baba"!

----these are things that he says, somewhere, that are SO counter to what "normal reality" is....that these sayings are difficult indeed!
this one....

he was talking about the Rama and the great war with the demons, in the great Indian epic, the [sp]mahrabrathia".
seems rama fought all of the demons and their demon-leaders, for control of the earth. when the demons were finally vanquished, one of the major leaders of these demons came to see Rama, privately and he asked rama this question.

"How can we demons become able to go to heaven, and leave the hell-worlds?"!
Rama answered..."simple: become a man! incarnate *as* a human being and get a human soul in the process, then you can go to heaven AS a man, as a human being"
[this is why man is higher than the angels; angels, pure angels can never never disobey God as they have no individuality, as does a human soul, the only way they can be WITH god instead of working FOR to incarnate as a man!]

so Sai baba then said.....and this is the kicker folks, the saying that rules all else, in these matters...and explains SO much

baba says..."and i brought them all with me into Incarnation when i incarnated"! [ baba claims to be Rama come again!] baba was born in 1926.

THIS explains for me why there is so many negative people around today! simple. baba brought them and of course when they come they bring hell with them, just like a german just come to this country will bring his german-ness with him undiluted!
baba brought them so that they could get a human soul and get onto the life-rolls of the human soul-progressions into the heavenworlds!

so...inferences from this: take the kids from Columbine who might be such demons incarnate. when they shot up the school
they were expressing their hell backgrounds! nothing more. they do that to each other in hell all of the time!
thus the inference of blame rest purely on us, the REST of the community of colubine! the parents, the school, the town, the cultural values of our culture, that the colubine people live by!!
just WHAT trellis and arbor did we all provide these kids with so that they could grow their life-vines upwards in to goodness, truth and love?! no, many of the people around these two kids probably were into making money and power and everything else but the boy scout oath and Values and Integrety and Morals...and Love!
thus i, myself, would place most of the blame upon EVERYONE ELSE *but* these kids!!
our culture puts 60% of its energy upon the young....and only 10% on the kids and 10% on the old!
i would want to see only 10% on the 20 to 30 agegroup of young of age and 45% on the kids and the old!

so what trellis did they all provide the colubine kids with, so that their "tomato plants" did not just creep over the muddy dirt, where their values ended up to be just like they were when they were back in hell, before baba brought them into incarnation?!

Baba has a number of these difficult sayings....they all point to the need to have the Spiritual world to be the basefoundation for your soul...the "hanged man' tarot card....instead of the physical world only!