Friday, January 25, 2002

well here i am, signing up for several Consumer survey sites, to give opinions to them.

well here i look forwards to the computer game Bethsheda, the great RPG
game, due out in march.

well here i look forwards to summer and all of my trips and stuff.

---I wonder.....
For the last couple of days, I finally see what these last few Big Dreams of mine have been trying to tell me! deceased mother comes to me to tell me three numbers ...may 2 1999.
2...the Angel appears to me to tell me a messege, complete with numbers...feburary of 1998. deceased father comes in dream to tell me the world will end on jan 15.....august of 2000.
these three dreams are Sufficent!!
sufficent if I find, ever ever the clue as to what the numbers mean!
sufficent as to what they are probably trying to tell me: my date of death, amoungst other info!
My Mother alone: she was a prophetess while living, she had, herself, a vision where she was shown or told that she would die in ten years as the red sports car came into her lane at dusk. 10 years later; 120mph.....!!
so she WOULD do this for me! here i am with all these Plans: now just during the last few days, there was Some Insight where a KEY was found, in my life, that gives to me the key to unravel ALL of the codes to these numbers that are in these dreams, above!

ya know....anyone who reads this; this is my private "MYST"....or some such computer event or three where there are puzzles of great import and numbers of meanings where there are several things being told to me in code at once, so that the numbers are coded!

my very own private Myst game where my very life is at stake!!!

--the givers of the info are all coming from the spirit lands to Give To me Some News. my mother. my father.
? ? ? ? !
and just WHAT does the code reveal?!
[the keystone, the key log, in the logjam, is only meaningfull to me...thus *the* particular number that is the key, is meaningless to anyone but me: i will not write it!]
it reveals to me that my 60 years of age and my 41 years of age that i have lived in North Florida....are
CUT-OFF points!
IF i were to continue to live, i would have to move away.
Messege is...that i will NOT continue to live....that i will die at 60 years of age and before my time in Tallahassee reaches the 42nd year, on sept 1st of 2002!
i turn 61 at the end of JUNE! a little over 5 months left!

ah so: suppose Spirit were to give to me an extension?! very possible: but IF so, I will have to probably move away from this place, as i ranted before, in other journal entries.

thus if i interpet aright, AND the info is aright....i have not much time left on earth!!

"sign the peace treaty but keep the powder dry"
i will pray and prepare...but continue to live day by day...expecting to see always another sunrise.
sunrise here on earth!

oughta be some Interesting posts here.......over the next few weeks!
surely IF the Visions are rightly seen, my "soul-preparations" will give to me some very very interestring dreams and events, as spirit prepares my soul for entrance to heaven!
or to move to another part of the country!