Tuesday, January 29, 2002

well, anyone who reads this: i Have Come To a Conclusion
about yesterday's dream where i was shown that "i have four arms"!
[am i to live or die?"!!]

as in"the four directions" or to wit..."the four alchemical archtypes" of EARTH WATER AIR FIRE.
i spent 20 years in childhhod as EARTH
---then i moved to tallahassee to begin college: my parents took me to the seacoast for the first week of tallahassee, renting a cottage there and swim swim swim in the sea!

---20 years later, i moved to my sister's in the appilachian mountains near Asheville, north carolina...2400
feet above sealevel, to begin another 20 or so years...

now it is time for
maybe here on earth, in some symbolic way...or in the ETHERIC realms!
but maybe here...I wonder wonder how it will manifest IF i do not die?
--lots and lots of energy?
---maybe Open up my talants to become a Seer or Psychic much much the more!
use the etheric, perhaps, here on earth....a seer or healer??

so i dedicate the next period that comes, whereever...
and in the journal entries to come...not be so "subjective' in ruminations of my future as there WILL be a future, where ever!