Wednesday, January 16, 2002

today is the 16th of January and i am still here!!

of course!

however i did some S-e-r-i-o-u-s medititation and prayer on this topic of what my father told me from heaven!
[see yesterday's letter!....the previous weblog entry]

why did he fixitate upon the number "15"?!

right away i see that he died on xmas day of 1987.
87....that is 8 and 7....and that is 8 + 7 = 15 !!

there are two other BIG DREAMS involving my life and death: one was where my mother came to me from heaven to give to me a set of mumbers....on may 2.
then there was that visiondream where I, myself, went to see heaven to see my precognititive future there!
as i ALWAYS foresee in a dream, just before a major physical move, scenes from that place-to-be; why not have such a dream of heaven just before i arrive there?!
---and yes, i was shown my very very first 'days" there. that vision was on december 4th of 2000.

as my father's dream occurred on august 3rd...i was more than curious beacuse all three dreams seemed to have occured near the early part of the three months.

It has come to this: without laboriously going through all the math here on this site...all three dates,
IF you add or subtract "15" from the number of days between these three dates, you get the numbers...
..."144" and "108"!!...for the three spaces of the number of days between each date and to another of the three dates.
these two numbers *are* the two most "spiritual" numbers going!

thus this "15" must be *real* important, really signifigent!
15 years between father's death, 1987, and 2002.
15 months between the dream and Jan 2002!

thus i can surmise that this 15 must mean..."the 15 years That made A Difference", as this number is "needed" to make up the "108" and the "144"!

yesterday i found out what this 15 means.....but i cannot possibly say what it is as the translation does not go into a journal, as it would mean something only to me!
has to do with that one year that spirit gave to my father, as my own mother had a visiondream that she would die in a accident in ten years when the "red sports car would come into her lane at dusk...but that husband would live until he is 72 years old"! she met her Appointment with that 120mph red sports car in her lane at dusk: but father lived two months into his 73rd year, as he made amends with me and forgave me, as he blamed everything that occured negative to him towards me!...the death of his wife so suddenly unhinged his mind!

of course father's world ended *at* the end of the symbolic "15" time period, as this time period of "15"
symbolizes his year extension! he turned 72 on october 12th of 1986, then he immediately had his first heart attack...i came there on nove 1st.
from early october to early 15 months.