Tuesday, January 15, 2002

today is the 15th of January!!!

on august 3rd of 2000, i had this here dream!
----I am at my childhood home, and i walk through the kitchen to the corner where my father had his huge huge old wooden office desk where he kept his personal records at, plus his businness records.
Oh, he has been dead, now, for 15 years....but as i, in my dream, came up to this desk, i could feel my father's Presence! i could not see him, but i knew that this spot was where he cme to me to tell me something!
I heard, then, his voice, he spoke.
"the world will end on January 15th[or 15]"!!
---end of dream!

that was it, this dream. nothing more: all of the background of it was just for him to tell me this.

what does it mean?
maybe, as i feel that Father told me something that he believed in, i would first have to decode just WHAT he wanted to tell me, even before i had to ascertain if Dudley were right or not!!

end of the world?
end of my world?
many many possibilities here.

dream occurred on august 3rd of 2000.
I have learned, over the years, that for me to recieve a big dream, the date is important, in relation to other dates: clues can be gotten! Dudley died on Christmas day of 1987.
aug 3 to dec 25.....is 144 days.
"144" the number of salvation and one of the MOST important of the "spiritual numbers"!
thus...from this, i can tell that Dudley had something Real To Say!!
there are 15 months between august of 2000 to january of 2002!!
from his death date of of 1987 to 2002....is FIFTEEN YEARS!

so "jan 15th"...the actual day...is not real, not true, in all probablility! i can rest easy. not today folks!!
no earthquake: no heart attacks for me!!


there is a chance for the rest of january.
there is a REAL better good chance for the rest of 2002! 15 years....covers the whole of 2002.

hard to tell, though, what father meant. is it my own death or the death of society or even some economic crash? or of earthchanges?
or of my own death?!

the end: PERIOD?
the beginning of the end, where the actual end takes ten years to run its course....
india vs pakistan with nukes!
or of a heart attack that gives me six more months to live, in a veteran's nursing home!

or is he even right?
maybe he means very well, but as he is only a spirit: maybe he reads the true data, in the akashic records, wrongly!
maybe i will live till 2015...or the earth.

stay tuned to this channel!!