Thursday, January 10, 2002

there was an experience on the bus, on New year's day, that really realy really impresses me about how Spirit works behind the scenes with people!
I witnessed an event that most people would take for granted and see no connections between the parts.

here tis....
On the return city bus trip from the mall, the Sunday route is different from the weekday route, takes different streets. On the way back to the station, the driver turns left, to go the weekday route, and about 50 feet into the street, she realizes that she fell into her weekday route routine---she is not suppossed to turn! too too late to back up, she says to me and the other passengers...."why did i DO this? i just drove this route an hour ago and went up to the hospital on the sunday route?" she had to drive three blocks and turn around the block and then when she came out to the street, there was a "no turn" divider there, so she could not turn onto her correct street from she had to take that bus on yet another cicularious block-around.
about 8 to 10 minutes now have gone by.....

So in 8 to 10 minutes later, she eventually got up to the hospital. As this bus neared the hospital, i could see a couple of very old people, husband and wife: he was hurrying as fast as his cane-hobble would let him as they came out from the hidden parking lot to *just* be at the stop as the bus pulled up. She tells them, as they get in...."i saw you two running, i slowed down the bus, remembering that you two got off the bus here about a couple of hours ago"
Rain began to fall: there is no cover for anyone at the bus stop, and the next bus is 40 minutes away. the temperature is 40 degrees!!

Suddenly i Realized....
I told the bus driver..."HEY! if you had not made that turn-mistake, you would have been here on time at this stop, 8 to 10 minutes before this couple came out and they would have been hidden in the parking lot and that they would have missed this bus and the rain begins at 40 degrees and they would have had to stand in the rain for 40 minutes"!

THIS made her day!
she, a "saved christian" now Understood how Guides /Angels knew that the old couple would not have gotten out there in time so that Spirit made her "sleep" and to make the wrong turn ON SPIRIT'S PURPOSE...
in order to delay the bus so that this old couple did not get their day OR their health ruined...oh to get sick with a raindamp cold that goes to pnumonia which is still one of the biggest killers of old people!
their LIVES may have been prolonged, by this "simple" act!

I wonder just how many more of these types of "manipulations" occur to people?! Miricles unawares! like of having an angel inspire one to "leadfoot" the car accelerator a bit so to drive at 57 mph instead of 55 mph, for ten miles so that WHEN that drunk driver runs that stop sign at 80 are around the curve and do not even see how you could have died, on that day, as he zooms through that stop at 80 mph and you were not there to be hit by him!!