Monday, January 14, 2002

there are dreams and there are DREAMS!

some of the "DREAMS" are small looking, seemingly just a "pizza-spasm" of maybe too too much pizza before bed: but here it is.....anyway. sometimes Important stuff is buried in these "little" dreams!

Once in a ahile, i have a dream that gives to me an OBJECTIVE "psychic map" of the United states!
OK, maybe just a part of it, several states of this map.

I am wandering in what appears to be quite a few places on the map. as if like a long long car journey across a number of states. mostly in the american South. I sense it is, this area, from maybe eastern South carolina...across the northern half of Florida, to about western Alabama...up to about the Latitude of Atlanta-Birmingham.

As I drive, walk about the towns, annd drive some this dream, i comment to myself about the places that i have seen.
[I used to do this a lot: maybe 50 or more trips from florida to new york state, over the 30 or more years that i had a car: always take the back roads and stop often in the towns to walk. trips always took over three days: if i HAD to interstate-hurry, why i considerered that trip not worth taking!]

I recall, in a kind of wonderment, standing at the outskirts of a nameless small town, in the fervid heat of the tropic noon, somewheres deep deep into the south. i told myself, told "thinking-out-loud" that in this whole area of the south, Mind was not possible, the heat and humidity "melted" and "vagued' all attempts
at thinkings and rationality!
[think "white man's grave"....down the river.....!!]
yes indeed, i have driven and lived there. a place from about Mobile and maybe 50...70 miles inland, where mold grows on mushrooms and mold grows on walls, trees, cars, houses, roads...and YOU if you stood there long enough!
quote from someone who moved as a high school kid to Tampa florida from Northern Mississippi..."my
first day in the high school locker-room amazed and shocked everyone: no one had ever ever seen a man with NO fungus growing upon his body before"!!
50 to 100 days a year of 90 degrees or more.....4 to 10 inches a rain per summer month...paper mushes,
bread sogs to wilt, on the table, in three minutes, Dewpoints of 60 to 70 to even 80 degrees!
[my friend who bought a house in gainesville, fla, in the spring: then he went immediately to Alaska to pay for it and when he returned in the fall....HE COULD NOT FIND HIS HOUSE!!]
i mean that.
he told me that he parked the car in front of that part of the block where he knew that the house was there but that there was not a trace visible of his house!!


kudzu vine ate it.
covered it.
took him a week to uncover it.

As i stood there, in my dream, i lamented that this area of the country was so "mind-soggy"!
and that "no one can really think here"...
but i , in my dream, reminded myself that "of course everyone overlooks the ONE little hidden geographical place that is SO strangely Important, as this place is where the Racial Archtypes, of the whole Human race, surface
and are Manifest"!
---I am not so sure what i meant by that expression! at the very very least: this hidden area has something to do with the Collective of mankind, in some Great Spiritual meanings, somehow.

in my dream, i imagined this place; somehow it is only about 50 to 80 miles in diameter, some Blessed Spot, surrounded by swamps and endless sub-tropical jungles/pineywoods. i could sense this place, far off, miles away. some place where masters might live, where even the Lady-who-runs Findhorn [ that north England Garden Community] might, from her Findorn home, move to live here at this spot, if she were a american citizen and knew about this place!
no one would find it, of course, except for those who need to: the humidity, funguses, heat...would keep eveyone away, muttering..."redneck allagator jungles too too humid to even breathe, let alone think in"!
thus all of the northern "intellectuals' would treat this place like of some toxic substance! never see it!

end of dream: i awake to wonder....just what was meant by this "place"?! and where was it?